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RSi can make them a reality.

Retirement dreams shouldn’t just stay dreams.

Saving regularly – even small sums – is the key.
Big retirements tend to be a function of having time to grow, and small contributions that kept adding up. We’ll show you solutions that can work a little faster. Let’s plan to get you the life you want.

Retirement products we sell:

IRA’s and 401(k) plans
You’re a person with a retirement dream. Or perhaps you’re a boss or HR person who needs retirement plans that will work for a whole company. We offer great depth of expertise. Part of our service is explaining what you’re getting for your money, and we can easily help to onboard your entire business if needed. Here are a few products we handle.

IRA’s. Traditional and Roth.
These are Individual Retirement Accounts. Some are “tax deferred,” meaning that you pay no income tax now on your savings, allowing the amounts to roll over (add compound interest) over the years. Traditional IRA’s fall into the tax-deferred category. On the other hand, Roth IRA’s are taken from your already taxed earnings, so in effect, you have already paid the income taxes. At the other end, in retirement, you don’t have to pay income tax. Both have their pluses. Start now, with a plan we’ll help you put together and feel better about the future.

Mutual fund brokerage
We can act as a brokerage for your investment accounts. Mutual funds and stocks are tied to the ups and downs of the stock market, and they can lose in value as well as gain at other times. That’s why it’s important to pick partners who will explain and put choices your way that suit your life stage and your preferences for risk.

An annuity is simply a contract between you and an insurance company, whereby they provide you with a guaranteed income check every month, for life or for another period of time that you select. While there are lots of shapes and sizes, including deferred income annuities, you normally buy an annuity with a lump sum of money or payments over time. You are locking-in a contract that will pay you a guaranteed check each month for the rest of your life--no matter how long you live, and this could even start as soon as a few weeks from now. You can “annuitize” your current savings to provide income for your spouse, or go beyond for your heirs.
In purchasing annuities, and many come with annual fees, you’re funding retirement with a guaranteed income stream as part of your financial portfolio. The reliability enables you to spend other money with more freedom.
We can show you a full range.

At RSi, one of our differentiating factors is our emphasis on doing what’s right for your given age or life-stage.

Early bird.
You’re in your 20’s.
Where you stand now:
You are probably starting out, single, and may have a relatively low income.
You may be paying off student loans.
A family may be on the horizon.
You have enough time to achieve great things financially.

Products that may be of interest:
IRA, 401(k), Auto, and Renter’s insurance. Term life insurance. Aggressive growth mutual funds.

Getting serious.
You’re in your 30’s.
Kids may have arrived, or be on the way.
You have cleared away some of your loans, may own a business or are building a healthy career. Time is on your side, especially if you think long-term.
Products that may be of interest:
IRA, 401(k), Auto, and Homeowner’s Insurance, including full liability. Term life insurance. Whole Life insurance. Disability. 529 College Savings Plan. Growth mutual funds. Bond funds.

Wow, you’re established.
You’re in your 40’s.
You have a mortgage.
Your kids are here.
Your career is entrenched but still growing.
You’re squeezed from all sides financially, but protecting what you’ve got is important.
Products that may be of interest:
IRA, 401(k), Comprehensive Auto, and Homeowner’s Insurance, including full liability. Whole Life insurance. Disability. 529 College Savings Plan. Balanced life-stage mutual funds.

Loving life, glimpsing retirement.
You’re in your 50’s.
Your kids may be at college.
You have paid off many commitments but are possibly playing catch-up on retirement funding. That’s great. We’ll show you what you need to do.
Products that may be of interest:
IRA, 401(k), Comprehensive Auto, and Homeowner’s Insurance, including full liability. Whole Life insurance. Disability. 529 College Savings Plan. Balanced life-stage mutual funds. Annuities. Long Term Care planning.

Seeing or living a great retirement.
You’re in your 60’s or 70’s.
Depending upon what your commitments may have been during your earning life, you’re possibly playing catch-up, or on social security. You may want to buy immediate annuities to create an income stream.
Products that may be of interest:
IRA, 401(k), Comprehensive Auto, and Renter’s Insurance. Balanced life-stage mutual funds. Annuities. Long Term Care planning.

Why call RSi?
We have access to a greater range of products, and most importantly, we’re familiar with the details.
Let’s figure out your fixed costs and plan the best way to use resources, with a strategy for protecting what’s important in your life. Discussion is welcome: we want you to understand how to better your coverage and your retirement.

Early Birds

RSinsure is the go to for those just starting the savings journey. With confidence and guidance, millennials insuring themselves make a sound first time financial decision. Planning for retirement is generally the sacrifice you do today so you can enjoy a better tomorrow. Making sure you are allocating that share to a company that will keep it safe is top priority. There’s no need to over evaluate whether you are on track to meet your retirement goals because you are just starting, instead we will help you reach more recent assumptions and allow your yearly deposits into other products to create value

The one thing we do know for certain is how much money we are making today. Why not spend a little time preparing for tomorrow?

401K Rollover to IRA Moving to a new job? You have 30 days to rollover your funds. Don't forget your money!!! RSinsure will review your current fund and make recommendations based on your overall need.
Whole Life Insurance The best time to purchase any product is when the price is down and the value is high. Early purchase of a whole life policy will not only provide a cash benefit should something happen to you. It will also grow in a tax free shelter you can borrow against down the road.
Universal Life Policy UL policies work when an excess of premium payments above the current cost of insurance is credited to the cash value of the policy. The best time to purchase this is when you are young and insurance is inexpensive. Let our team run a proposal for you.
Early Estate Planning For young people, we would like to educate you on strong financial decision making. Our goal: work to prevent fiscal damage caused by ignorance and lack of advice. Developing and protecting clients al the way through their retirement years.

Mid-Life Planner

For those in their late 30s to early 50s, retirement planning takes on a few added dimensions. While it may still be difficult to reliably estimate retirement expenses a couple decades into the future, RSinsure leverages different products to help protect your retirement plan. For starters, we can assess whether an individual is on track with their retirement savings by reviewing current assets and company retirement plan. We can make advisements to get you closer to your goal and supplement gaps with an IRA or even a life insurance policy.

Critical Review Let us review your company retirement program, and your current assets to make sure you are making the right decisions with allocation and diversity. We will also consolidate all of your previous 401K plans under one IRA
Recommendation After we have set your savings goals, based on your income and targeted retirement date, we will recommend products that will help you reach your financial potential
Supplement RSinsure uses creative financial solutions to help you build your savings free of taxes and penalties

Almost Retired

For those within 10 years of retiring, planning should get far more detailed. Unlike retirement planning 20 to 50 years earlier, near retirees should begin to focus on actual expenses during retirement rather than using income as a proxy. We consider all circumstances when recommending retirement options, including current expenses, future medical bills and inflation. We are committed to seeing your money continue to work for you into your golden years.

Social Security Lets us review your current social security statement to determine when you should begin accessing your living benefit in coordination with your retirement goals.
Annuities The income can start now (immediate annuity) or in the future (deferred annuity). Let us help you determine your target age of retirement and how many years you will be able to maintain quality of life
Asset Protection RSinsure can help you protect your retirement from costly medical bills, mortgage costs and other credit issues with our creative financial management system.

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